Designs of the Year 2012

Designs of the Year 2012

Posted Last Sunday by Donna Creek

After only a few weeks of working at Nirvana, I had the opportunity to go along on an inspirational day at The Design Museum for the ‘Designs of the Year 2012’ exhibition. Since visiting the previous ‘Design of the Year 2011’ exhibition I was particularly looking forward to seeing the latest innovative designs of 2012.

Some great entries that caught my eye were;


The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress by Sarah Burton


Hoevding Invisible Cycle Helmet


Jambox by Yves Behar


One Thousand Cranes for Japan by Anomaly & Unit 9


Homeplus Tesco Virtual Store


Stockmann Packaging


Celine Crombie by Phoebe Philo

 A particular favourite of mine was the Comedy Carpet, this is made up of 2,200sq m granite, 160,000 granite letters, a 4 year long process and a few gags along the way. This was a massive project to undertake and the outcome was beautiful, an interactive typographic sculpture designed by artist Gordon Young with why not associates. A feat of engineering in some senses.



Late Night Chameleon Café (LN-CC) – Found in a 557 sq m Hackney Basement, each of these 7 spaces has a different mood and feeling. This is one beautifully curated shop, and as it explains here , this mainly sells online but this space is about interaction both with people and the shop. Gary Card is one to keep an eye on.

With the London Olympics almost here, I was very excited to have the opportunity to see the Olympic Torch designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Simple design and a beautiful story behind it. This torch is made out of 8,000 circular holes – each one representing every bearer for the 2012 Olympics. These perforated holes prevent heat going to the bearers hand as well as creating a visual niceness and making the torch lighter. Follow the torch and its stories here:


Some of those involved that Nirvana have worked with:

Alexander McQueen

Nokia (Nokia Pure)

GF Smith (GF Smith Digital Campaign)

Anomaly (One thousand cranes for Japan)

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