Grand Designs

Grand Designs

Posted 8 November 2012 by Donna Creek

Since moving in to the building in September 2011, Nirvana has gone under a huge transformation. Interior designer Lara Gosling, designed and revamped what once was an empty white space in to a modern and comfortable space, which all of us at Nirvana are delighted with.

At Nirvana we work on a variety of unique projects, which means we are surrounded by extraordinary and unusual materials, so it was only fitting that our new space had a combination of exciting materials. Upon entering the space you are welcomed by huge glass panels, reflecting the light from the canal water, we wanted to make sure that we could see the canal side from any point in the room with enough natural light beaming through.

We all fell in love with the idea of using cork somehow in the room, so we went with gut instinct and had some shipped in from Portugal which we then decided to use this for both flooring and the reception desk. Underneath the desk is a polished stainless steel which almost portrays a floating effect, this has a nice touch alongside the cork. The rest of the flooring is made from a light grey rubber almost identical to the wall colour, making the room look more spacious.

What we had lacked before was shelving space, so directly behind the reception desk we have huge amounts of shelving space to showcase products that we have either produced or products that we love, this is a great area to update as and when we need to. Further to left, by the window is a shelving unit for paper sample reference books, it’s also a good spot to take some time out.


The main colour scheme throughout is grey with a variation of shades used on the walls and shelving area. We have incorporated a splash of colour in the light fittings for our fabulous lights,bespoke made for Nirvana by Servomuto, these lights serve as nice focal points above our reception desk and the beautifull meeting table handmade using douglas fir pine

A fabulous edition to the room are our handcrafted pine units specifically made to showcase the materials we have used in both previous and current projects. This is a great opportunity for clients to get a hands on experience with all the materials that are on show, we are always looking to strengthen our collection so there really are some unique materials to be seen. We are absolutely thrilled with our new space, we hope that you will enjoy popping down to see it too!