Material of the Month: NanoStone

Material of the Month: NanoStone

Posted 30 July 2013 by Donna Creek

Our materials selection at Nirvana is forever increasing and so each week we are going to share with you our favourites, some of the materials we have are so unique that we really hope you come down to visit us to experience these for yourself. The first material we would like to mention is NanoStone, those that we have shown already love this material and we hope you do too.

NanoStone is a natural veneer made from slate rocks. Thin layers are split from big, random sized rock sheets to create extremely thin veneer with a thickness of approximately 50 – 100 μm. A fleece backing reinforced by water-jet hardened fabric bonds the individual material layers together and is the same thickness as the NanoStone

NanoStone is applied in the furniture industry, interior architecture, vehicles, ships and products. New developments in the technology have led it to be used as an alternative to leather for belts, briefcases and handbags, as well as note book covers. It is ideal for book covers, boxes, labels, wall coverings and product applications and can be applied as a more sustainable alternative to leather.

It is possible to print, laser cut, engrave and emboss Nanostone®. Testing the process prior to purchase his highly recommended as success with certain processes varies.