Material of the Month: Pachica paper

Material of the Month: Pachica paper

Posted 14 August 2013 by Donna Creek

Pachica is a paper with translucent effects, due to its unique properties, heated and embossed areas become transparent and extremely thin. As the paper itself is fairly thick and fluffy, this quality produces a 3D visual effect.

Unique and eye-catching invites, send-outs, business cards and decorations can be made from this material, the delicate appearance is a gentle reminder of its Japanese origin, denoting high quality and precision.


Pachica has low resistance to water or chemicals, but can be laminated with substrates to increase its durability. It is also possible to use traditional printing techniques too.

This paper is only available in white but it is possible to print on to it to create graphic effects.We produced our material board 03 made from this paper and took advantage of the translucent properties by using different colours.