Advance Printing and Pulp Moulding Technology

Advance Printing and Pulp Moulding Technology

Posted 5 August 2013 by Donna Creek

Nissha PAX is an injection moulding technology for paper that takes uses in-mould decoration to create graphically interesting 3D paper forms. Made of over 90% natural material, the moulding materials consists of 30% pulp, 30% starch and 30% water. The remaining 10% consists of PVA and an anti-mold additive. This insert moulding technology has been combined with of a special paper called FiberForm and decorated by offset printing.

High quality prints can be applied to the surface of the moulded product, including colour images and patterns. The finish feels like paper and can be given a gloss or matte finish (level of gloss and matte sheen can be slightly adjusted to suit project requirements). The pulp itself is available in white and can also be colored with bright colour results.

Nissha PAX replace plastic products like packaging, cases and covers of mobile phones and cosmetics.

It is possible to produce environmentally friendly packaging with unique, high-quality graphics. Due to the manufacturing process it is easy to change graphics for a product, enabling a flexible and attractive offering.

We have various samples in our Inspire library so feel free to pop in and discuss any possibilities of using this for a particular project.