Material of the Month, August 2014: LED Embedded Film

Material of the Month, August 2014: LED Embedded Film

Posted 6 March 2014 by Donna Creek

A material that has worked its way on to the shelves of our product design material library is an LED embedded film that when lit produces a very subtle yet dazzling light effect.

The LED embedded films are polyester-based transparent and electro conductive films which will transmit electricity to light emitting diodes (LEDs) or other electronic elements on the films. The thin, flexible sheet has no visible connectors between the lights and the lights themselves can be embedded evenly or in custom patterns. The transparent conductive LED films may be laminated and can be provided with separate controls.

One of the most spectacular use of this material is Asia’s largest LED display wall at the Suntec Singapore International Convention Centre. The display wall is three storeys high and 60 metres wide and boasts full HD capabilities. But your project does not have to be quite so ambitious: LED embedded film can be spectacular as an exhibition stand or used with promotional goods.

There are two types of  film: transparent film which can be based on customer design and can be laminated in between glass, polymers, stone and plastics and then there is printed film, which allow for stronger LEDs or separate control of LED groups.

RGB LEDs are able to change colour (red/blue/green) when using electronic controllers. The RGB controller is able to cycle the colours at a selected speed or to freeze it at any colour. There is also the opportunity to implement sensors on the film to enable intelligent touch glass.

Here at Nirvana we love this interactive sample, so pop down and see how it could be used for one of your next projects.

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