Material of the Month, November 2014: Nanai Salmon Leather

Material of the Month, November 2014: Nanai Salmon Leather

Posted 1 October 2014 by Donna Creek

What is Nanai Salmon Leather?

Nanai is salmon leather, made in Germany and the only producer of Nanai leather worldwide utilising a 100% chrome-free tanning process. This process ensures that the natural structure of the salmon skin is preserved. It is a very durable and strong leather yet lightweight and tear-resistant.

A holistic approach that begins with the salmon themselves, which are raised on certified organic farms in Ireland in compliance with animal welfare standards and the production of this salmon skin is chrome-free, relying instead on vegetable tanning.

The origin of this salmon skin comes from Siberia. The Nanai folk people refined the art of tanning fish skins over generations which served as the inspiration for the product we see today. Allow customers to tap into this deeply rooted historical experience and draw them closer to what nature has to offer.

The general properties of Salmon Leather.

– Water repellant
– Glossy or natural finish
– Soft and comfortable
– Superior color fastness
– Low abrasion compared to other leathers

Does this leather come in a variety of colours/finishes?

From natural and deep colours to vibrant hues Nanai comes in various colours, this is also available in uncoated, hydrophobic (water-repellent) or coated finishings.

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What are the opportunities?

Consider as an alternative to conventional leather and further to exotic species like crocodile, sting-ray, ostrich or snake with this 100% by product.

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