New Shape of Material Monday: Series 1

New Shape of Material Monday: Series 1

Posted 3 July 2017 by Katie Kubrak

At Nirvana, we believe materials have the power to turn a good idea into a great one. That’s why we spend our time in pursuit of innovative and inspiring products and processes that can do just that.

Our Material Monday posts, published on a weekly basis, are a demonstration of this. They provide an online place for individuals, designers and brands to explore and learn about new materials and their potential.

In order to respond to a more industry based hunt for inspiring CMF (colours, materials, finishes) alternatives, we decided to spice it up and announce a new edition of Material Mondays.

These will be theme-based and on a quarterly basis will translate into a material display or an event where we hope to meet you in person. Furthermore, you will be able to touch the material and learn detail-driven information from experts in the field.

Running in 3-month cycles, each month will focus on a different industry and different area of CMF. Series 1 will initially focus on materials for the food packaging industry and later go into processes and production finishes that can make your jewellery and beauty packaging feel extra more special and luxurious.

Make sure to follow us on social media – links below – and stay tuned for future Material Monday posts and further info on the upcoming events.

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