Introducing "Material Monday: Series 2" on Scent

Posted Today by Katie Kubrak

Well framed, qualitative and story evocative pictures get our attention. These visually emotive tricks of marketing have been visibly exhausted through digital, video and printed content. In result, brand engagement and recognition almost solely relies on the consumer’s sense of sight.

This is further amplified through a growing e-commerce environment. In this scenario, the user browses through general search engine, he/she explores digital storefronts that all look very similar and finally selects a product he/she likes, just to, at the end of pictorially loaded journey, receive a plain or patterned cardboard box delivered to their door.

In a highly competitive and image-heavy modern day market brands need to explore new routes of establishing a lasting emotional bond with an end user. Further to this observation we ask, what about design that is inclusive of other senses as the sense of smell?

At Nirvana, being at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of the creative industry, we have been actively researching and exploring the power of scent and how it could transform experiences. This interest was solidified through recently launched Material Board No. 7 and exhibition titled “London in Seven Scents” that was part of London Design Festival 2017.

This “Material Monday: Series 2”, we will further explore how addition of scent to your packaging, products and spaces through process of custom olfactory production could revolutionise how your brand is perceived, experienced and recognised.

Stay tuned for upcoming “Material Monday: Series 2” posts, events and talks by following us on social media (links below). What is more, make sure to stay in touch by commenting below how do you feel about incorporating custom scent into your brand or into brands that you love?

We look forward to hearing from you and embarking together on this journey with scent.

Above: Custom scent embedded in pellets.

Above: Custom scented oils.

Case study: Perfumes of the Zodiac by Strange Invisible

Case study: Scent Trunk is a subscription based product that offers a selection of customised scents based on personal preferences and comes along with basic instructions on use.

Case study: Nirvana CPH’s journey with Material Board 7 and Custom Olfactory Production.