Materials & Insight

At Nirvana, we believe materials have the power to turn a good idea into a great one. That’s why we spend

our time in pursuit of innovative and inspiring products and processes that can do just that. Our materials

library, housed at our London headquarters, is the physical manifestation of this search, and provides

a space for individuals and brands to explore the furthest reaches of their imagination. 


Nirvana’s own Material Boards are an extension of this exploration. Collaborating with an impressive roster

from across the creative industries – including graphics specialist Anthony Burrill and product designer

Alexander Taylor – we use each instalment in the ongoing series as a means of bringing together

a material and a process in a thoughtful union that reflects what we call Creative Production. 


Nirvana’s Insight department closely monitors the latest news, trends and happenings from across the

different areas in which we work. We draw on more than a decade of experience to provide bespoke

feedback for our range of international clients, regularly released insight reports, as well as interviews and

features that champion our in-house expertise and that of our extensive network of partners

Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Olfactive Packaging Experience

Posted 23 October by Katie Kubrak

By triggering instant responses, an olfactive memory, can instantly alert, allure, disgust, or even transport you across the world. This week in “Material Monday: Series 2”, we explore how this significant value can be applied through a functional or branded approach to packaging. Functional scenting is used in the background for the purpose of complementing […]

Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Unboxing with Scented Tissue

Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Unboxing with Scented Tissue

Posted 16 October by Katie Kubrak

The culture of constant digital connection exposes consumers to ever growing two-dimensional visual content. Interaction with sharp images, gifs or videos leaves the consumer craving physical, authentic and organic experiences as exemplified by phenomenon behind slow movement, which puts emphasis on appreciating and acknowledging details of our experiences. This fast spreading subculture, advocated by The […]

Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Printing Scent

Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Printing Scent

Posted Last Saturday by Katie Kubrak

The world of scent is a communication platform we take for granted the most. When you consider that an individual inhales smells of the surrounding environment about twenty thousand times a day, one can quickly acknowledge the opportunity that comes with each breath. With scent triggering an instant emotional response in 73% of the consumers, […]


Introducing "Material Monday: Series 2" on Scent

Posted 2 October by Katie Kubrak

Well framed, qualitative and story evocative pictures get our attention. These visually emotive tricks of marketing have been visibly exhausted through digital, video and printed content. In result, brand engagement and recognition almost solely relies on the consumer’s sense of sight. This is further amplified through a growing e-commerce environment. In this scenario, the user […]

Material Board 07: London in Seven Scents

Material Board 07: London in Seven Scents

Posted 2 October by Nirvana CPH

For the last 8 years we have worked with some of the most imaginative designers to produce our series of Material Boards – creative showcases of the properties and potential of the materials we work with. This year we launched our seventh Material Board, exploring the power of scent and custom olfactory production. Scent might […]