R&D Christmas Gifting

by Nirvana CPH

We were approached by the Creative team at LVMH to carry out some research and development for their bespoke packaging project. Using the beautiful props from their Christmas window campaign, they wanted to create some branded packaging that could protect and house some of these delicate display ornaments to gift to an exclusive list of customers.

Each ornament varied in size and substrate, some incredible fragile, others heavy and prone to shift and move around in transit. We developed lid and base style box lined with a custom foam which would lock the product into position securing it safely within the foam so that it remained in perfect condition. An acoustic foam was sourced with the egg shell style surface to allow for the right level of flexibility to accommodate the shape of each item nestled safely within it. This shape was also key as it echoed the malleage design used in their store window.

Rounds of testing were carried out to colour the foam to their branded yellow pantone, the foam was sprayed to gradually build this tone ensuring the foam kept its soft supple finish.

A glueless folding kraft box was produced to house the foam layers and screen printed with the LVMH monogram. We also developed custom packaging tape in the same branded yellow with the monogram logo repeated printed on the tape which they could use to seal each box.

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