2014 World Cup Limited Edition Wall Chart Series

2014 World Cup Limited Edition Wall Chart Series

Posted 29 May 2014 by Donna Creek

Continuing the limited edition wall chart series started in 2002, and repeated every two years, Studio Blackburn and Nirvana Creative Production House have produced a limited edition print run of not one, but three individually designed wall charts celebrating the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

These wall charts are designed to showcase specialist print techniques and serve as a beautiful gift and fun piece of print for clients, studios and other industry specialists.

The original idea for the range of wall charts came from Paul being on a print run in Rotterdam during the 1998 World Cup, he noticed how much better the design of the Dutch tournament wall charts were than the traditional ones delivered by British newspapers, so he decided to design his own.

This year we have a series of three designs, shifting the emphasis away from being a purely functional wall chart, to one that is a celebration of the players who have worn the iconic number ten shirt at previous World Cup Finals for Brazil, Argentina and England.


      Brazil: GF Smith Colorplan Factory Yellow 135gsm. Screen-print: White and PMS 7481 overprint.


 Argentina: GF Smith colorplan Azure blue 135gsm. Screen-print: White and PMS 5395 overprint


England: GF Smith colorplan Ice White 135gsm. Screen-print: PMS 199 and PMS 877 overprint

What do you think of these wall charts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.