Nirvana at Cosmopack Exhibition 2014

Nirvana at Cosmopack Exhibition 2014

Posted 11 June 2014 by Danielle Unway

This April, Nirvana CPH employees Jenny and Danielle attended the Cosmopack Show in Bologna Italy to discover what’s new in the cosmetic industry. Read on to find out what they’ve been up to!

What is the Cosmopack Exhibition?

In early April, Jen and I were the ‘Nirvana Chosen Ones’ to visit the Cosmoprof / Cosmopack exhibition in beautiful Bologna, Italy. This fair is a big deal for the beauty industry, in summary; ‘for more than 45 years, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is the leading 360° worldwide event for the professional beauty sector and an international platform for the cosmetics and wellness industry’. Check out some of what Cosmopack had to offer in the video below.

What did Nirvana CPH take-away from the Cosmopack Exhibition?

Our main focus within this fair was the Cosmopack arm which houses hundreds of packaging suppliers to the Beauty Industry within 3 large halls. With many of the exhibitors not so relevant to Nirvana’s services (but still fun and interesting to see) our mission was to scout out high-end packaging suppliers, i.e. paper overboard, folding box board, folding polyprop specialists and any other weird and wonderful promotional offerings such as customised cooling and heat packs.

There were also a number of plastic, glass and wooden cosmetic packaging we stumbled across – proving helpful to some of the Burberry beauty prototyping Jen has been working on –  from metal, plastic and wooden caps to beautifully crafted giant perfume bottles.

Aside from the fair, great amounts of gelato – you couldn’t begin to imagine how many – LITRES of fine Italian wine, and of course bucket loads of Spag Bol were consumed.

One may say we overindulged, but it would be rude not to….in the birthplace of Bolognese!

All in all, the trip was a great success with us having met over 20 potential new suppliers, despite Jen’s broad West Country accent combined with her speaking at the speed of light, causing a few communication breakdowns along the way.  This was through sheer excitement at all the exciting new materials, processes and potential suppliers we encountered though and luckily I was there to act as interpreter!

Check out some of the Tweets from the event below.