Kolon Geonic - The Decorative Surface Substrate

Kolon Geonic - The Decorative Surface Substrate

Posted 28 August 2014 by Donna Creek

Since the arrival of Kolon Geonic – the decorative surface substrate, we cannot wait to put this to use for one of our projects.

What is Kolon Geonic?

Kolon Geonic is a composite material which multiple PU layers are applied on a flat surface to create unique patterns and tactile elements on a variety or surfaces, including plastic, textiles and even paper. You can achieve different surface results by building up the layers – thicknesses start at 0.1mm – 0.4mm you can apply different patterns in a variety of colour options. Excellent colour is maintained with a long life span without generating cracks.

General properties of Geonic

  • Decorative
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Lightweight

Where can you apply geonic?

Geonic has found applications within the automative , sports apparel and fashion industries and are currently looking to expand the product within these markets.

What are the opportunities?

It is possible to print circuits by adding conductive additives such as silver-based additives within the ink to create a conductive layer for interactive packaging and product applications. The structure of the smart textile would require a top coating (non conductive and decorative), conductive ink, non-conductive adhesive and a textile (base material).


kolon geonic uses

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We would love to hear from you if you have used this application before, leave your comments below.