Tino Seubert: The Colour of Air

Tino Seubert: The Colour of Air

Posted 3 October 2014 by Geraldine Turvey

Tino Seubert - Colour of Air

“PM-K”, Particulate Matter Screenprint

If your city-worn heart can’t be reached by the poetic beauty of Tino Seubert’s prints then you might at least fear for your lungs when you learn the nature of the pigment employed in their production.

In an entirely artisan approach to screen-printing, RCA graduate Seubert created his own ink by hand-processing the carbon matter that collects in the particulate filters of diesel car engines (image below). The resulting prints and dyed garments attracted much attention at the recent Sustain RCA Show & Awards, just one of the many events at this year’s London Design Festival.


Diesel engine used to make Tino’s unique ink

Mask-bearing cyclists and mechanics among us might be less surprised by these images but if this is the first time you’ve ever had to consider the colour of the air you breathe, now you know: it blows the full gamut of black.

The Colour of Air - Tino Seubert

“PM-DYE” particulate matter hand-painted sublimation dye on nylon

Nirvana CPH feels a strong affinity with Seubert and his work.

“Material is never treated as just a medium of production, but as an integral part of the overall creative concept” he says.

Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he extracted the carbon residue himself, his aim being not only to explore fresh possibilities for so-called ‘waste’ material but also to add value in the process. In this case, the filters he’d bought old and dirty were now in a fit state to be resold at profit.

If you like Seubert’s work then we can also recommend this series of talks. Commencing 15th October the first is focused on transparency in supply chains.

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