Whistles Spring Summer 2015 Invitations by Nirvana CPH

Whistles Spring Summer 2015 Invitations by Nirvana CPH

Posted 2 October 2014 by Angelique Blankson

Before the fashion shows, come the invitations, and here at Nirvana we’re always delighted to be a part of London Fashion Week whether it’s producing stand-out invitations for some of the most iconic brands in the industry, or filming elegant runway footage.

One of our favourites from this year was the Whistles Spring Summer 2015 show invitations which Danni Unway, from our creative production team, had the pleasure of  producing.  I caught up with her to find out a bit more about what went into the production of these fabulous invitations.

Whistles Spring Summer 2015


Can you tell us what exactly was produced?

We were supplied with T-shirts – featuring an exclusive abstract palm print designed by Joe Cruz for Whistles – and swing tickets (containing information regarding the show and hand written name of invitee) which were then to be placed in a clear bag and vacuum packed.

What were the materials and processes used?

Vacuum packing, a method which involves manually or automatically removing air from around the item prior to sealing. Its a process often used in food preservation but in this case, it was cleverly used to reduce volume as an alternative and visually striking way to present an invitation. The great thing about vacuum packing is that its a cost-effective packaging solution and an unusual way to present products or promotional marketing items.

Were there any challenges faced during production?  

We had to turn the first batch of 300 units around very quickly. One of the disadvantages of vacuum packing is that it can take a long time to vac pack large quantities (an estimated one minute per item). However, we managed to deliver on time and  the client was very pleased.

In your opinion what is the most interesting thing about this project? 

Although vac packing is an existing process, I thought this was quite a unique and interesting way to create an invitation and loved the final results!

Indeed, the finished product was equally as awesome as the fashion show itself, which was held in an LED-lit tunnel at Kings Cross and featured a collection inspired by beach culture and soundtracked by hip-hop and dancehall.

You can watch the Whistles Spring Summer 2015 show here.

Did you watch London Fashion Week this year? What were your favourite shows and invitations? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter.