Bag Habits: Are The Days of Luxury Packaging Numbered?

Bag Habits: Are The Days of Luxury Packaging Numbered?

Posted 3 November 2014 by Angelique Blankson

What do you love about luxury packaging?

Is it the feel of unravelling silky ribbon between your fingers, the alluring touch of soft, matte coated paper, the use of elegant typefaces or perhaps a surface covered in an intricately detailed print or glossy graphics? Or is it more of a functional matter – the simple fact that particular materials have been put together to house your brand-new beloved products, if only temporarily?

Whatever your reasons, its difficult to deny that packaging plays a great role in modern consumer marketing and in my opinion, the more beautiful or unusual the design or production method, the better.

If you’ve ever visited the Nirvana CPH studio, you’ll have noticed upon entering the building that your eyes are met with a variety of beautifully constructed, portable works of packaging art, from boxes to carrier bags, all created for their functionality as much as their brand communication – an interactive exhibition of graphic design, one could say. These pieces not only protect the products they’re intended for, they also create emotional user experiences so much so that the humble carrier bag has become a collectable cultural artefact that is often too good to throw away.

The first shopping bag came on the scene in the early 1940s when a few manufacturers began attaching carrier handles to plain brown paper bags. It soon became apparent that these bags were indeed mobile billboards and consequently, companies started to print the name of the store on the bags and later more stimulating, eye-catching designs. Today, we rely on the quality and distinctness of these designs to to create a strong visual impact on consumers.

Below is a selection of our favourite luxury retail packaging, both past and present.

Roskanda Luxury Packagaging Design

Chanel Luxury Packagaging Design

liberty Luxury Packagaging Design


Acn Luxury Packagaging Design


Lanvin Luxury Packagaging Design


Margeila Luxury Packagaging Design


Vivienne Westwood Luxury Packagaging DesignWith the ever-growing rise of e-commerce and eco-awareness, some wonder if the shopping bag is in its decline. The luxury retail experience is unquestionably enhanced with the use of exquisitely designed packaging and with renewable resources being discovered daily and designers making more eco-conscious material choices, this speculated decline is improbable. Long live the luxury package!

What are your thoughts on the future of the shopping bag? I’m keen to know! Use the comment box below to get involved in the conversation.