Top 3 Packaging Designs of 2014

Top 3 Packaging Designs of 2014

Posted 30 December 2014 by Angelique Blankson


1. Roksanda

This summer London welcomed the very first Roksanda Illincic boutique in Mayfair. After rebranding the entire label Roksanda and founder, Frith Kerr streamlined the identity with a theme of modern, sophisticated simplicity. Using Roksanda’s past collections as inspiration, they drew up an assortment of coordinating pieces that are architectural in structure and tone – and grabbed a striking sapphire hue as the accent colour. The notable blue injection-moulded bag handles were inspired by a plastering scraper and certainly provide an interesting finishing touch. You can read more on the design here.

Roskanda__0000_Roskanda_002_REG2. Sony Bottled MP3 Player

At the start of the year Sony debuted their underwater, swimmer-friendly MP3 players and I loved the unique concept for its packaging. Each set is immersed in a sport-cap water bottle (and sold in Sony vending machines), instantly highlighting their benefit and creating a cool, one-of-a-kind marketing and consumer experience. You can see more here.


3. Acne

Swedish cult brand, Acne Studios launched its gender-neutral underwear line on October and the salmon-coloured packaging, very much like the product, was simple with a touch of Scandinavian cool. Perfect.

Nirvana_Acne-studios_PackagingWhich packaging designs stood out for you in 2014? We’d love to hear your thoughts – tweet us @NirvanaCPH.