Material of the Month, March 2015: Fibreform

Material of the Month, March 2015: Fibreform

Posted Today by Angelique Blankson

In our latest material of the month post we explore the depth and flexibility of Fibreform. Its extremely high stretchability pushes back old frontiers, offering opportunities to develop creative new solutions in packaging.

What is Fibreform?

Fibreform is a high-ductility, fluid-resistant, paper-based material that, unlike other paper packaging materials, can be molded in standard thermoforming equipment. As a more sustainable and responsible alternative to plastics, this unique and highly flexible paper can be easily stretched and formed under heat to offer totally new decorative and shaping opportunities where previously traditional papers have had their limitations.


Fibreform material

What can Fibreform be used for?

Its possible to incorporate Fibreform into existing thermoforming lines and colours can be printed on the exterior surface, whilst embossed shapes can create decorative elements and logos. It can also be barrier coated with a wide range of films to resist moisture and oil to prevent content leaking, particularly in food packaging. Its designed to preserve nutritional value, taste and aroma as well as protect against light, bacteria and impurities. The main advantage of Fibreform is its ability to be stretched deep into shapes; the normal stretchability of paper is usually between 2 and 4 per cent (some sack papers can reach up to 7 per cent), but with its exceptional stretchability, Fibreform is able to stretch up to an incredible 20 per cent.

fibreform packaging

The unique properties of Fibreform make it possible to design creative and striking packaging solutions in unusual shapes.

fibreform green



What about its recyclability & biodegradability?

Fibreform is a 100% virgin fibre product, biodegradable and recyclable. Its also certified in accordance with FSC.

Have you used Fibreform in a unique way? What did you think about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or alternatively tweet me @NirvanaCPH