Material of the Month, May 2015 : Organoid

Material of the Month, May 2015 : Organoid

Posted Last Saturday by Angelique Blankson

Organoid is an award-winning natural coating achieved through an innovative production technique which transforms natural biotic materials into freeform mouldings that can be used in a range of applications from renewable perfume packaging to 3D acoustic panelling.

The manufacturing process begins by creating an inflatable or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic mould (depending on the scale of the product) that is then covered with a vacuum film. The chosen natural fibre is then ground to the required fineness and combined with a natural binder that provides the necessary strength. It is sprayed onto the mould and then, while still moist, covered with another vacuum film to create a hermetic seal. A negative pressure is then applied, compressing the biocomposite so that it dries in the desired shape.

The main objectives of this dynamic process are to achieve complex freeform shapes, be affordable and use natural materials. A tolerance of as little as 0.1mm can be achieved and the material can be anywhere between 2-200mm thick.

 What can Organoid be used for?

  • Large-scale objects
  • Construction elements (Pavilions)
  • Furniture
  • Acoustic panels
  • Exhibition and retail displays
  • Packaging
  • Accessories
  • Decoration