Weekly Round-Up: 15th January 2016

Weekly Round-Up: 15th January 2016

Posted 15 January 2016 by Nirvana CPH

Welcome to the Nirvana weekly news round-up; a selection of the week’s most important and exciting  stories, brought to you every Friday, from across the worlds of fashion, luxury retail, design and advertising – in short, all those elements that influence our world of Creative Production.


David Bowie: 1947-2016 (It’s Nice That)

“We round up just a few of the the responses from around the world as it mourns the passing of an icon, a unique creative genius who will be sorely missed.”



Edgy, sporty and with a hint of soul: why luxury ‘ladwear’ is king of the catwalk (The Guardian)

“A louche khaki chenille tracksuit paired with elbow-length “oven mittens” summed up the prevailing mood in menswear on Saturday. It was both business as usual for haute streetwear designer Astrid Andersen and proof that “ladwear” is usurping tailoring and eccentricity in the race for dominance of British men’s fashion.”



E-Commerce in India: Local heroes (The Economist)

“The steady advance of home-grown supermarket chains has so far done little to dim the kiranas’ prospects; and successive Indian governments have been reluctant to let in foreign grocers, for fear that many households would lose their livelihoods. With more than 200m Indians now able to access the internet on their mobile devices, e-commerce might appear a bigger threat.”



As Slowdown Takes Toll, Pressure Grows on Bailey to Transform Burberry (The Business of Fashion)

“He has to step up and he has to say: That was the agenda, but this is my agenda— this is what I stand for,” said Luca Solca, Head of Luxury Goods at Exane BNP Paribas.”



This Football Helmet Crumples—and That’s Good (Bloomberg)

“Instead of a rigid outer shell, the company’s debut helmet, called Zero1, has a soft, deformable outer skin with a harder plastic core inside. Like a car’s bumper, the softer carapace gives a little when struck, slowing the impact before it reaches a tailback’s brain.”