Material Monday: Aura Infusion Technology

Material Monday: Aura Infusion Technology

Posted Yesterday by Nirvana CPH

As January turns to February for another year, it’s time to say goodbye to those start-of-year blues, the washed-out greys and browns of winter, and to begin looking longingly ahead to the vibrant greens and yellows of spring. A time of rebirth and change is just around the corner; so, with that in mind, this week’s Material Monday takes a closer look at an innovative colouration process that can do nature’s painstaking work in a matter of minutes.

AURA Colour Infusion Technology was developed over a number of years by Covestro, the company formerly known as Bayer MaterialScience. A quick and cost-effective process that employs nano-scale technology to colour already-formed plastic parts, it has rapidly gained an excellent reputation for the depth and durability of its colouration, and has been adopted across a vast swathe of industries, from electrical appliances and homeware to signage and interior furnishings.

Blends of transparent organic dyes are used as a base to create customised colours that can be matched to desired spectrums and palates, offering a range and versatility of colour that acts as one of AURA’s greatest draws. Moreover, owing to AURA’s unique colouration process, which creates a deeper shade the longer an acrylic or polycarbonate substrate is submerged in the heated bath of dyestuff, it is also possible to achieve gradients of one, two, or even three colours – and all without affecting the thickness or weight of the finished product.

Together, these factors make AURA an ideal choice for projects that require the mass production of pieces according to strict or unusual colour guidelines, as well as those that require the mass customisation of pieces or delivery of multiple colour variations.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Take a look at this wonderfully nineties promotional video to find out more: