Material Monday: Peltouch

Material Monday: Peltouch

Posted 8 February 2016 by Nirvana CPH

A couple of weeks back, Material Monday took a closer look at Remake, a relatively new offering from Italian paper mill Favini that is made from 25 per cent upcycled leather, sourced from tanneries close to the company’s Venice headquarters. At once sturdy and soft to the touch, it is a paper that builds on Favini’s already impressive environmental credentials, given that the mill has previously used the waste products from other local industries, including coffee and olives, to the same end.

In a country that remains home to some of the world’s leading luxury fashion houses, materials such as leather strike a chord, particularly in an industry that has prided itself for decades on the tactile quality of its coveted garments and accessories. Remake’s use of offcuts provides a story that resonates with brands and their customers, allowing environmental sustainability to become a feature of not just the product itself, but also of its packaging and any additional collateral, thereby closing the loop and promoting awareness throughout the journey from conception to consumer.

But what about those times when a traditional paper finish just won’t do? Remake tells an interesting story, by all means, but it is not a substitute for leather itself. So where should brands be looking when they are in need of a synthetic, renewable and – crucially – cheaper paper-based capable of mimicking the tactility of leather?

The answer to that may well be Peltouch – an FSC© certified material that we, at Nirvana, have been enamoured with for some time. Manufactured using a latex saturation process that enhances its durability and flexibility, Peltouch recreates the luxurious, soft-touch feel of nubuck leather and acts as a visually appealing addition to projects from across the spectrum of Creative Production, including packaging, stationery and bookbinding.

Available in two finishes – Lacrema, which emphasises a true-leather look; and Unea, which uses a super matte surface to highlight its soft tactility – Peltouch is ideal for use in covering structured forms such as presentation boxes or books, and responds well to the foil or blind stamping of text and images. Its flexibility, meanwhile, is a huge advantage when it comes to creating hinged parts, meaning it is extremely durable in applications where it is subject to wear and tear.


Source: Winter & Company