Weekly Round-Up: 4th March 2016

Weekly Round-Up: 4th March 2016

Posted 4 March 2016 by Nirvana CPH

Welcome to the Nirvana weekly news round-up; a selection of the week’s most important and exciting stories, brought to you every Friday, from across the worlds of fashion, luxury retail, design and advertising – in short, all those elements that influence our world of Creative Production.



Wesley A. Clark, Who Designed First Personal Computer, Dies at 88 (The New York Times)

“Mr. Clark’s computer designs built a bridge from the era of mainframe systems, which were inaccessible to the general public and were programmed with stacks of punch cards, to personal computers that respond interactively to a user.”


LUXURY_TREND_WALLSForget the Loft: The Newest Trend in Luxury Real Estate Is Walls (Bloomberg)

“Maitland showed him multiple locations until they whittled his choice down to two: one a luxe development on the Upper East Side, the other a new building downtown, in SoHo. The clincher for her client was a second opinion from someone he trusted—but it wasn’t his life partner, an interior decorator, or even a feng shui master. It was his art consultant.”




No One-Size-Fits-All Solution for Fashion Shows, Says CFDA Report (Business of Fashion)

“The study drew from formal interviews with 50 fashion industry leaders — the majority of whom are based in the United States — including 20 designers and executives, eight retailers and 15 editors, both traditional and new media. The question of how to reduce the gap between runway shows (heavily mediatised and increasingly consumer-facing events) and retail drops, delivering fashion immediacy in a bid to reduce customer fatigue with collections lacking in perceived newness was at the heart of the discussion.”



Here’s how we’ve redesigned Time Out magazine for 2016 (Time Out)

‘In terms of typography,’ says Mark, ‘Franklin Gothic (top) is the design heritage of Time Out which we can’t ignore. My aim was to create a new editorial personality using its Condensed weights. (below) We’ve also introduced a new serif family (Tiempos Text by Kris Sowersby) that helps define longer reads. It’s a lot easier on the eye than our old serif, Century…’