Material Monday: Cork Rubber

Material Monday: Cork Rubber

Posted 6 March 2017 by Nirvana CPH

A combination of cork and rubber, Corkrubber is a material hybrid which is durable, warm to the touch and absorbs sound. Processed using typical thermoplastic processing methods, meaning that it can be formed into complex shapes or combined with other materials to create soft-touch areas or offer a cushioning shock absorbent effect.

With a genuine cork appearance, it can be easily coloured using a standard PE master-batch, but the cork content will always be visible and affect the ability to obtain a solid colour.

With the soft tactile feel and non-slip texture it’s an ideal choice for handles and grips and has been used in sports equipment, tools and household items. As well as manufactured into bowls, boxes and plant pots.

Cork is an excellent alternative to synthetic materials for warm, tactile surfaces. This, combined with cork’s unique visual aesthetic, gives a sense of enhanced quality.