Material Monday: NanoStone®

Material Monday: NanoStone®

Posted 3 April 2017 by Nirvana CPH

NanoStone® is the thinnest stone material in the world, thin layers are split from big slate rock sheets to create an extremely thin veneer with a thickness of approximately 50-100 μm. This is then reinforced by a fleece backing and water-jet hardened fabric bonds the individual layers together.

The final stone finish is an extremely thin semi transparent veneer ideal for book covers, boxes, labels and wall coverings. Available in six colour rangers including Autumn, Autumn White, Autumn Rustic, Multi Colour, Black Slate and Black Line, the rough split surface of the veneer means it creates ever-changing colour variations in each layer making each leaf a unique piece.

Though the veneer is highly flexible it may break when flexed or bent excessively. New developments in the technology have led it to be used as an alternative to leather for belts, briefcases and handbags, as well as applied in the furniture industry, interior architecture, vehicles, ships and products.

The premium finish of this veneer embodies a sense of craftsmanship and skill that provides an authentic, raw experience that is very on-trend.