Material Monday: Plexiglas

Material Monday: Plexiglas

Posted 18 April 2017 by Nirvana CPH

Plexiglas® are acrylic sheets that are used in a range of diverse applications, behaving similarly to hardwood it is easy to thermoform and easily bonded. With the vast range of colour options and surface finishes available, it is commonly used to create unique and intriguing interiors and products.

There are over 40 standard colours available and the acrylic has a very high colorability with a good surface quality which can comes in high-gloss, textured or satin finishes.

Thanks to its high functionality and many special grades, Plexiglas® is surprisingly adaptable to new applications that call for novel properties. Plexiglas® is found in everything from aircraft construction and aircraft cabin windows to monitors and displays, such as structural glazing, in noise barriers or in advertising.

Plexiglas® is commonly used for interiors, shop detailing and lighting, but also consider it for smaller products such as packaging, invites and book covers for unexpected effects.

It provides a clear view, lends shape and brilliance to a variety of objects.

Using Plexiglas® allows for easy solutions with high impact. The consistency and finish of the surface creates a sleek and sophisticated feel, whilst the colour range can bring a playful and energetic touch to interiors, POS and products.