Material Monday: DecorexTM

Material Monday: DecorexTM

Posted Last Thursday by Nirvana CPH

DecorexTM is a highly durable coating process based on advanced nano-technology which can apply a stainless strip steel with an extremely thin, yet highly durable coloured surface. It is easy to form, lightweight and available in a wide range of colours and surface finishes. It also has an Anti-fingerprint property.

Colours are developed continuously and can be combined with available finishes that include Satin, Hairline, Dull, Bright, Linen.

Applications range from laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones to automobile interiors, home appliances and interior decoration.The maximum width available is 35 cm, making it more suitable for small applications.

DecorexTM offers real metal surfaces with all the properties that consumers associate with quality – durability, depth and vibrancy of colours and patterns, as well as an environmentally responsible production process.