Material Monday: Anaglyphic Glass

Material Monday: Anaglyphic Glass

Posted 12 June 2017 by Nirvana CPH

Anaglyphic Glass is the only glass on the market that is able to break down the shadow of an object placed upon it into a series of colour layers. An effect, achieved through a well-tailored experimentation with coating and glass layering.

This material successfully engages the user to observe the object on the surface from different angles, adding movement to the still objects by creating an animated environment around them.

So far, it has been used in the table furniture line, mirrors and wall panelling. Furthermore, Jordan Söderberg Mills recently exhibited the material as one of the installations during Milan Design Week 2017 and Clerkenwell Design Week 2017.

How could this material bring something extra special to your brand?

Interesting interplay of colour and light can stimulate an optical perception of end user. Giving a surprising three-dimensional feel to a two-dimensional surface this material can build an environment of play and curiosity around your brand.

Its wide ranges of opportunities include: using it as a display surface, as mirrored wall panels, POS, retail or interior feature. The surface can be creatively explored in the relation to how an object is placed on it. A film with graphics and patterns could also be applied to create a consistent spectrum split across the entire surface.

General properties

  • Very good scratch resistance
  • Temperature resistant
  • All exterior layers are toughened
  • Works with vertical and horizontal fabrication
  • It has a mirror effect finish
  • The effect is most prominent in day and artificial light

Together, lets use this glass to create an intriguing sense of depth by replacing shadows with layers of solid colour that feel homogeneous yet standalone. Lets use these vivacious glass blocks that celebrate the interplay between colours and light, to create a dynamic product display and retail interiors for your brand.