Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Printing Scent

Material Monday on Scent in Packaging: Printing Scent

Posted 9 October 2017 by Katie Kubrak

The world of scent is a communication platform we take for granted the most.

When you consider that an individual inhales smells of the surrounding environment about twenty thousand times a day, one can quickly acknowledge the opportunity that comes with each breath. With scent triggering an instant emotional response in 73% of the consumers, ranking much higher than any other sense, it is a platform where a brand can connect to its customers on a more meaningful level.

As this connection can be tailored to fit packaging experience, this week in “Material Monday: Series 2”, we explore how the personality of your brand could be demonstrated through the use of scented varnish.

Scented varnish can be viewed as a functional coating as it adds sensorial properties to the surface of the substrate. It can be added directly to the fine cardboard, coated paper, sleek label or shrink sleeve as simply as fifth colour through the means of virtually any printing process that includes: Offset, Flexographic, Gravure, Silk Screen and UV.

When incorporating scent within the packaging experience of your brand, you can consider applying this technique across the entire surface or only within an outlined area. To exemplify, mentioned coating can be laid over background, logotype or isolated colour. Depending on the chosen scent molecule encapsulation method, varnish can release scent continuously for few weeks to few months or encourage surface interaction through scratch and sniff labels.

If 84% of consumers are more likely to buy the Nike running shoes if their retail space was scented, imagine what scenting their packaging (especially in an e-commerce market) could do for their brand recognition and establishing a bond with the end user? You can achieve the same results by utilising an existing scent or creating a signature fragrance that everyone can associate with your brand.

If you would like to integrate scent within your packaging, or you would simply like to visit our exhibition launched during London Design Festival 17’’ titled “London in Seven Scents”, which was released to coincide with “Perfume” exhibition at Somerset House and “Material Monday: Series 2”, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Inspiration: Scent of orange peel extract, an ingredient of cosmetics, can be incorporated in a label.

Inspiration: Scent of grapefruit embedded in product label can encourage engagement with the product and distinguish your product on the shelf.

Inspiration: Scent of the product can be captured and reproduced on the label.

Inspiration: Natural scent of organic product can be added as a sticker.

Inspiration: Custom olfactory production offers a range of signature fragrance opportunities such as depicted scratch and sniff card by Felissimo that used scent of cats.