Material Monday: Tactility Speaks in E-commerce

Material Monday: Tactility Speaks in E-commerce

Posted 5 March 2018 by Katie Kubrak

Every time we browse our material library, while working on a packaging project, we find ourselves asking the same questions all over again. These include:

  • How does the colour of the box make you feel?
  • How does the sound of opening the box influences your anticipation of the object housed within?
  • Can textured surface build up the perceived value of the object even before it’s unravelled?
  • And how all of that adds – (or perhaps it doesn’t?) – from experience and relationship a consumer builds with the brand?

So when Packaging Innovations approached us to curate an entire E-Commerce Forum, we got excited as we saw this as an opportunity to exchange our ideas and share these questions with crème de la crème of the packaging industry.

Our panel, titled – “TACTILITY SPEAKS – E-commerce packaging the only physical touch point between your brand and consumer”, gathered most insightful speakers that shared their inspiring perspectives on the topic. On the stage we were joined by:

  • Tim Milne of Artomatic who spoke about physical communication being innately human;
  • Siobhan Battye of BEAST discussed how Beast translated brick and mortar experience into e-commerce;
  • Patryk Kabaj & Konrad Kwiatkowski of Packhelp shared their custom e-commerce packaging solutions for SMEs;
  • Vincent Villeger, Luxury Packaging Consultant and former Director of Packaging Design at Burberry, presented opportunities, challenges and added tactile values of e-commerce packaging.

Nirvana’s material expert Katie Kubrak, who runs a series of workshops on tactility in packaging, products and spaces, chaired the forum. She has also contributed to the topic by presenting an extensive overview of existing e-commerce solutions, inspiring samples and ideated on tactile CMF touch points of e-commerce packaging.

If you are interested to visit our Material Library for a sneak peak of the packaging inspirations we have shared during the forum, or are interested in booking one of our CMF workshops titled ‘Tactility Speaks’, please feel free to get in touch.