Material Monday: Tactility Speaks in Eggshells

Material Monday: Tactility Speaks in Eggshells

Posted 2 April 2018 by Katie Kubrak

Even though the long weekend is about to break, we remain egg-cited about the spring season ahead! To celebrate this wonderful time and bank holiday, this Material Monday, we have prepared something quite special for you. We look at eight egg-citing ways to use an abundance of – eggshells!

Egg represents an organic shape that has symbolised regeneration and hope since antiquity. More recently, however, it has been reported that eggshells are a great waste contributor across the globe as they are considered to have no economic value, even though they are rich in minerals and amino acids that could form the basis of several industries. It is worth noting that food industry eggshell waste reaches 455,000 tons in USA and 1,6 million tons in India that needs to be transported and disposed of annually.

Please find below a list of eggshell waste applications that are either already in use or being researched:

1. Ceramic Slurry with the incorporation of eggshell waste by Aveiro University


2. Ancient art of Eggshell Inlay


3.Eggshell Based Hydroxyapatite

4. Eggshell’s ability to absorb CO2 emissions by University of Calcutta


5. Eggshells in Data Storage Devices by Guizhou Institute of Technology


6. Eggshell stationary by Studioroom906


7. Decorative Panels made with eggshells by Nature Squared


8. Relief carving by Beth Ann Magnuson and Gil Batle

If you have a waste material and are interested to research possible industry uses of it, we would be delighted to help you find areas of opportunity. Please feel free to get in touch to have a chat!