Material Monday Insight at London Craft Week 2018

Material Monday Insight at London Craft Week 2018

Posted 14 May 2018 by Katie Kubrak

This Material Monday, we guide you through some of the noteworthy insights presented during London Craft Week 2018.

Overall, London Craft Week is a reflection of worldwide interest in authentic, honest, local and mindfully designed products. Being a showcase platform for contemporary brands and independent makers, it stands as a monument symbolising that all negative impacts of mass-production can be replaced by reinstating the values and identities veiled by globalisation. It further encourages established brands to be cautious when introducing new products due to the possibility of alienating consumer groups that exhibit growing interest in uniqueness of craft.

London, a house and creative hub to numerous creative industries, has been a a graceful backdrop to this very event for the past week. Accompanied by events and talks celebrating the skill of artists and makers, it also opened up a dialogue between curious visitors on the role craft is to play on the global scale. Some of the noteworthy insights being discussed included:

  • An array of platform opportunities multinational brands have, and how these could be used to power local artists and give grass-roots movements a spotlight. If successful, brands could penetrate new, niche markets promoting uniqueness of their products.

  • With modern customers’ interest in brands who ‘give back’, visitors remarked that brands should strive for carefully selected partnerships with creative hubs and non-profit organisations that support artisanry of crafts.

  • Embracing the elegance of craft and seduction by the skill of the maker as the hottest point of difference for products.

  • Multiple workshops held during the event, stimulated a consideration of craftsmanship as an inclusive, mindful and self-healing tool. They were seem as a form of education, a healthy emotional outlet that could foster empathy, increase focus and introduce a new kind of relaxation in people’s lives.

  • Craftsmanship as a tool for “gentle activism” that has the power to peacefully open up a dialogue and champion more nuanced issues through slow and sustainable change.

  • Examination of the scope, in which advanced technology can be merged with traditional craftsmanship to define new commodities and symbols of the era without diminishing the heart of the slow-paced artisianry behind it. One of the favoured ideas proposed that the local, traditional techniques and materials should be individually adapted in order to create new ways of use that add meaning to the outcome.

If these catch your interest and you would like to find out more about insights from this event, or you would just like to say ‘Hi’, please feel free to get in touch.