Material Monday: Hand Woven Dream11

Material Monday: Hand Woven Dream11

Posted 29 April 2019 by Katie Kubrak

Dream11 is a unique pure metal fabric, which was made by experts in textiles and textiles machinery. These bespoke surfaces are made to order and entirely comprised of either stainless steel, copper, brass or a mix of different metals.

Properties include:

– Durable

– Weather proof (stainless steel)

– Elegant

– Lightweight

– Flexible

It comes in a woven metal mesh format. Made by 95% in house machines, the metal mesh can be easily modelled by hand in order to create three-dimensional shapes and follow the contours of any underlying object/shapes.

So far, the material has been applied to interior furnishing like curtains on panels and the stainless-steel version was used successfully on outdoor furniture. Overall, it offers an unrivalled and new metallic experience that exudes craft and beauty.

Dream 11 also allows for and provides a truly individual product form for the desired application. Furthermore, pure metal fabrics are cold to touch but warm in texture, which provides a multi sensorial high-tech experience in a subtle, elegant way.

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