Material Monday Sustainable Series Material: Eco Excite - Dinamica®

Material Monday Sustainable Series Material: Eco Excite - Dinamica®

Posted 13 May 2019 by Katie Kubrak

This Material Monday we dive into discussing an exciting green alternative to suede leather – Dinamica®. Owing to its innovative structure and excellent qualities this material is extraordinarily versatile in use, which reflects in a wide range of applicable industries. These include: automotive, aviation, upholstery, packaging, contract, marine, fashion, retail, POS and interiors.

Dinamica® is a high-quality ecological microfiber with the appearance of suede. It is manufactured with recycled polyester that comes from PET (plastic bottles, general plastic) and from polyester fibers (T-Shirt, cloths, fibers). Processed fibres undergo an exclusive water-based property process that does not use toxic dyes or chemicals in according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. Furthermore, Dinamica® can assure sustainability throughout the whole production cycle, guaranteeing the lowest levels of polluting emissions and energy consumption, and it is fully recyclable. In result, eco-credentials of this material satisfy the current trend for sustainable materials that allow designers and manufacturers to realize products that do not cost the environment.

In terms of properties, it is tear-resistant, lightweight and water-repellent. It has an extraordinary level of abrasion resistance, which dramatically extends its lifespan. What is more, in combination with its non-allergenic and breathable characteristics, it is suitable for application in areas with heavy use. In addition to aforementioned functional properties, Dinamica® showcases a high-end appearance that has long been endorsed by the fashion and automotive industries.

General properties can be listed as follows:

-Fully recyclable

-Good UV

-Abrasion resistance

-Tear resistance

-Coloured using non-toxic dyes

-Cost effective

– Anallergic

– Breathable

– Lightfastness

Fabric is available in more than 100 colours and shades, which demonstrate supreme lightfastness. In support of this testament, Dinamica® shows excellent resistance to prolonged exposure to sunlight, such that its colour remains vivid and unchanged over time.

To the touch, Dinamica® offers a feeling of extraordinary softness, which results in an exceptional comfort during use. The premium sensorial properties are also enhanced through a vast range of 2D and 3D decorations and pattern. It however needs to be noted that it cannot evoke the same feeling as authentic suede.

In terms of custom surface design, we recommend The Dinamica® ‘Fantasy’. It provides a subtle finish and is the only microfibre producing tone on tone effects. The base material is dyed using high temperature and pressure jets in computer-controlled colouring cycles. Like traditional fabrics, Dinamica® can be cut, sewn, heat bonded, ironed and washed.

With all mentioned properties and material opportunities, as a designer, you can consider Dinamica® for a range of items that can include look-book or catalogue slip covers, as well as product accessories such as laptop cases.

We hope you have found this as an interesting animal-free alternative to suede. If you want to chat materials or would like a sneak peak on what’s coming next week please feel free to get in touch.

Above: Dinamica® in production

Above: Dinamica® in various colours and patterns

Above: Dinamica® in fashion application by Matteo Cibic.

Above: Dinamica® in automotive applications.