Material Monday Sustainable Series Material: Eco Excite – Bahia Denim

Material Monday Sustainable Series Material: Eco Excite – Bahia Denim

Posted 27 May 2019 by Katie Kubrak

Last week we discussed that when drafting a story for your product, brand or space you need to understand the lifecycle of designated material in order to find its environmental statement. In result, we mentioned that one of the key elements to creating most sustainable story lies in the origin of the raw material. With this in mind, this week we introduce a material whose sustainable story is based on just that – Bahia Denim.

In the fashion industry, one of the most abundant by-products are off-cuts from the main production. These include: leathers, cottons, polyesters, nylons, linens, rayon and more. Driven by the abundance of these, material designer Sophie Rowley utilised waste from Diesel’s jeans production, added binder and applied pressure to the mix in order to transform disposed fabric shavings into Bahia Denim. Name of the material is inspired by a Brazilian marble, Azul Bahia, as the resulting surface achieves similar aesthetic.

When interacting with the material we may annotate it is rigid, has a matte surface with smooth texture and feels rather warm. Its unique pattern emerges thanks to a combination of dissimilar off-cuts, which very across size, shade, colour and texture. What is more, as surface is finished individually by hand each piece will always be unique offering one of a kind visual experience.

Bahia Denim is characterised by being fairly lightweight and durable, therefore it is suitable for applications such as interiors, furniture, POS, retail windows, wall panelling at photoshoots, movie or theatre sets.

In terms of sustainable story, the key here is keeping off-cuts away from the landfill and repurposing it into a new product. Furthermore, this approach raises value associated with discarded material and subsequently encourages perspective shift in terms of how the society should look at waste generated by manufacturing and consumers.

This is one of many materials that adopt similar approach. If you found this interesting and you would like to chat about sustainable material stories, please feel free to get in touch.

Above: Bahia Denim close up.

Above: Bahia Denim square panel in Bright. Looks like a beautiful painting, doesn’t it?

Above: Bahia Denim panels in varying shapes

Above: Bahia Denim in application – Table available for purchase at Aybar Gallery.

Above: Bahia Denim in application – prototyped by Nissan for automotive interior panelling.