Sustainable Series Industry Buzz - Luxe Pack Paris 2019

Sustainable Series Industry Buzz - Luxe Pack Paris 2019

Posted Last Sunday by Katie Kubrak

At a time of major societal and environmental changes, the players in the luxury industry are now reflecting on how to best respond to expectations while reconciling the most important aspects of their industry. To exchange our thoughts and experiences with other specialists in the field our Materials & Insight team has attended a conference with focus on sustainability last week in Paris.

“Edition Speciale” by Luxe Pack can be best described as a new event dedicated to packaging, which provides important editorial content and the best adapted solutions from producers in order to overcome the current challenges in the profession. With consumers of luxury goods requesting packaging that has been designed with ecology in mind, first edition of the conference was themed around “Packaging innovations for ecology”.

This event brought together more than 75 exhibitors carefully selected for their expertise in the eco-design of the packaging of tomorrow; a panel of luxury eco-friendly brands and experienced experts: more specifically, a community of key players committed to the environment, to work hand-in-hand on “different luxury packaging”.

Presented sustainable solutions extensively covered main materials of luxury packaging such as glass, paper, plastic, wood, metal, fabrics as well as several finishing-decoration specialists and zamak experts. What is more, in a keynote speech, Annette Lendal, Senior Research Analyst of the Ellen McArthur Foundation introduced the New Plastics Economy initiative and the opportunities of innovation in a circular economy. To find out more, read out article explaining this concept here.

In contrast to other big trade shows as Packaging Première, PCD, Luxe Pack Monaco or Packaging Innovations, the small size of this show offered visitors the opportunity for many interactions with other participants, suppliers but also a comprehensive view on the many innovations presented by exhibitors. In result, we were super excited to exchange our experiences with this community and learn that our approach is spot on and paving the way towards innovation.

Furthermore, we have strengthened relationships and build new partnerships around sustainability in order to be able to offer more circular solutions across all projects we work on. We will be sharing more comprehensive content across insights we have learned of and materials we have sourced in the weeks to follow, so make sure to stay tuned! Otherwise, if you want to chat materials or would like a sneak peak on what’s coming next week please feel free to get in touch.

Above: Location for Editione Speciale was Carreau du Temple in Paris.

Above: Theme of the event revolved around sustainability and discussion how we all can implements more circular solutions for the benefit of the environment.

Above: Albea was one of the exhibiting suppliers who presented their 50% post consumer recycled plastic packaging tube.

Above: Numerous solutions were presented for re-useable carrier bag solutions.

Above: Natpak was one of the exhibitors who presented biodegradable plastic solutions for injection moulding process.

Above: Procos presented their NFC activated eco-bag solution.

Above: The most exciting case study was of Lush and their newest lipstick packaging