Material Monday Sustainable Stories Insight: London Climate Action Week

Material Monday Sustainable Stories Insight: London Climate Action Week

Posted 1 July 2019 by Katie Kubrak

London is a world leader in climate action with a diverse concentration of businesses, NGOs and academic institutions working with governments and communities to develop and deliver solutions. Its businesses and organisations are a hub of expertise in finding solutions to cutting carbon emissions and adapting to the impact of climate change both locally and globally.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has declared a climate emergency. As part of London’s response to this, the first ever London Climate Action Week is held from 1-8 July.


London Climate Action Week will focus on:

  • community action and business leadership on climate
  • clean energy and energy efficiency
  • adaptation and resilience
  • climate finance and investment
  • legal, engineering and other environmental consultancy services
  • low emission transport
  • London’s role in driving UK and international climate leadership


You can find all of the events that will be running across the city here, otherwise, please find below out three favourite picks below:


​Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing Ice Watch Bankside, outside Tate Modern, 2018© 2019 Olafur Eliasson and Minik Rosing

  1. “Art in Real Life: Addressing the Sustainability Challenge” with Olafur Eliasson, Minik Rosing, Mary Robinson, Clare Farrell and Malini Mehra.

Ahead of the opening of the major Tate Modern exhibition of Olafur Eliasson’s work, join the artists alongside key voices from across the social and political sphere for a conversation exploring the potential of artists and art institutions to address global sustainability challenges and inspire change.

Venue: Tate Modern, Book here.


  1. Nexus

Take a virtual reality journey around our planet and learn how human activity disrupts the balance of nature.

NEXUS is an interactive VR documentary that brings these ideas to life by showing the connections between water, food, and energy through a story and real-world examples. The aim is not to present the ‘right’ solutions to environmental issues: instead, we propose a framework that empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to see and communicate the system-level impacts of human actions in the world.

This event will showcase the ways in which the NEXUS framework can explain human interactions with the world and empower us to live in better harmony with nature.

In collaboration with Steamed Egg VR, attendees will be able to explore, reflect and discuss the complexities involved in building a more sustainable world, by being immersed into locations around the world through VR headsets.

Venue: Imperial College London, Book here.


8th Future Fabrics Expo at Victoria House in London January 25, 2019.
This image is copyright Suzanne Plunkett 2019©.

  1. The Sustainable Angle’s Open Studio

The fashion industry is a major contributor to the climate crisis, yet it also has a great potential to be part of the solution! Using more sustainable materials is one of the many action points that any brand can take. At this open studio you will have an opportunity to browse through myriad of sustainable textiles by suppliers who are taking action to lower their environmental impact.

Venue: Book here.


  1. Science and Society CDT Festival

One of the key issues facing climate scientists is how to best communicate their message to the public and, ultimately, influence policymakers. The morning session of the festival will focus on communicating science to the public, including talks and a discussion with a panel of distinguished science communicators. In the afternoon there will be talks by leading scientists and policymakers.

Venue: Imperial College London, Book here.


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