At Nirvana, we believe in the power of ideas. Our goal is to harness this power and bring these ideas to life through the process of Creative Production.

Whether embryonic or fully-formed, visual or verbal, 2D or 3D, graphic or filmic, and brought to us by a client, advertising or design agency, we develop ideas and protect their integrity from conception to delivery.

Working closely with creators from multiple disciplines on the one hand, and our extensive network of trusted and respected suppliers on the other, we challenge the conventional, breathing life into projects in the physical and digital space. And, at the end of it all, we ensure they reach the right people, at the right time, in exactly the right form.

Our key services cover Total Project Management, Material Research & Development, Print & Packaging, Visual Merchandising & Display, Digital Content, Studio Services, Distribution and Brand Partnerships, and fall into four distinct categories that define our unique approach, which is explained below.


Our task is to bring an idea to life once it has been conceived by an advertising agency, design group or brand.

Whether embryonic or fully-formed, visual, verbal, 2D, 3D, graphic or filmic, we work as an independent producer to develop and protect the idea’s integrity, understanding the needs of its creators and the expertise of our suppliers to make sure we deliver a beautiful finished product.


We believe in putting graphics on any surface in order to communicate our clients’ ideas. That’s why, in the course of our work, we have covered buildings in vinyl, posted letters made of chocolate and installed giant window displays of origami.

From aluminium to cardboard, and from phone screens to cinema screens, we relish the opportunity to stretch our thinking and extend the reach of an idea.


Our combined skill set covers all major production techniques, and we adopt a creative approach to each project.

Yes, print is important to us, but so too are digital technologies, cardboard engineering and moving image. We will happily embrace materials, colours and modelling techniques if they can add new dimensions to an idea. At the same time we always extract the maximum potential from traditional techniques.


We always respond to a challenge. Our favourite question goes along the lines of: “Our creative team has come up with an idea that’s brilliant but probably impossible to produce. Any thoughts?”

Other questions often begin with: “Do you think we could make this out of…?” And our answer is normally, “Yes.” Being open-minded helps. It puts us in a position to propose practical solutions to almost any problem.


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