Biofoam: biodegradable polystyrene alternative

Biofoam box

BioFoam® has a very similar appearance to conventional polystyrene foam, the raw beads come in three sizes to suit specific moulding applications and is resistant to water, liquid nitrogen, CO2 molecules and dry ice.

It is the first foam to be petroleum and chemical free, a biodegradable alternative to conventional Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) and PU materials based on renewable sources, it can be reused and industrially composted at high temperatures under the influence of moisture and bacteria.

Made up of 98% air, it is a lightweight but strong solid foam with uniform cell structures and homogeneous surface that won’t yellow, it comes with a pale green tone but can come in virtually any colour but due to the foaming process it is not possible to achieve strong colours so all the components made of BioFoam® have pastels tones.

Graphene can be added to create a dark grey foam and this also increases the insulating properties. Due to its good thermal properties it has been used to produce temperature controlled packaging for sensitive products that need to stay cool like medical and biological substances, food, owers and plants. However, its sustainable properties make it ideal for other applications, including panels for roof insulation and horticulture.

BioFoam® has been awarded various national and international innovation awards due to its biodegradable and sustainable quality.

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Posted 01 May, 2017 by Katie Kubrak