CocoForm Packaging

Cocoform close up

This week Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses CocoForm, a natural and more responsible alternative packaging solution for the food industry that can be molded into custom shape.

Made from 60% coir, which are the coconut fibres, and 40% natural latex both materials come from renewable sources. If that wasn’t enough, the packaging materials are also biodegradable and compostable taking approximately ninety days to decompose in comparison to its plastic counterpart taking hundreds of years.

The coconut coir is the fibrous material found in between the hard outer shell of the coconut and the inner shell, containing lignin and cellulose making it a great water repeller. This fibre is so versatile that it is being processed into upholstery padding, sacking, car seats, horticulture, brushes, rope and fishing nets. A by-product of the vast coconut farming industry, which has increased a considerable amount due to the health benefits coconut water can provide, therefore giving a new sense of purpose for the fibres.

Cocoform product range

The material goes through moulding process, which is first pressed and then vulcanised, the moulds are manufactured according to the client’s needs, which can be applied on multiple products and doesn’t have to rely on just industry standards. This way the brand can be far more experimental and courageous when it comes to their own design specification offering a premium packaging alternative.

CocoForm’s breathable open structure doesn’t compromise on any of the product’s strength, protection or resilience. A packaging product that is both performative and environmentally friendly.

If you are interested to learn what this material could offer to your brand or simply are interested to know a little bit more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Posted 01 July, 2017 by Katie Kubrak