Korean Hanji Paper

hanji coloured papers

Hanji paper – Hanji literally means ‘the paper of Korea’ – derived from the inner bark of the Mulberry tree the traditionally handmade Korean paper is 100% natural. The papers are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, and from thin, almost translucent grades to 1-2mm thick boards. These papers are made from the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree and produced by hand.

What can Korean Hanji Paper be used for?

Hanji can be printed and used with inks (albeit with various results depending on type of paper). There is the option of using additives for aesthetic and functional purposes, for example the black sample has added charcoal to manage odour, temperature and moisture. These papers can be processed with most traditional paper techniques, although some versions can be more fragile than conventional papers which needs to be considered when choosing methods. As Hanji papers have irregular surfaces and thickness may vary so consult with printer what options will work for what papers.

Consider using Hanji paper for truly exclusive products and in applications where a natural hand-made aesthetic is desired. Used in furniture, lighting and interiors Hanji can be crafted in many beautiful ways providing both organic forms to clean architectural lines.

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Closeup of Hanji
Layers of Hanji paper

Posted 01 October, 2014 by Katie Kubrak