Material Board 03: Pachica Paper by Ben Reece & Jeff Knowles

MB3 Front

The third instalment in our ongoing series of Material Boards has taken us on a truly global journey. Subtle and unassuming it may be in its finished form, but don’t be fooled; this white A5 envelope has travelled halfway around the world and enlisted the services of individuals in four different countries, spread across two continents, to finally take pride of place in the Insight Room at Nirvana HQ.

Ben Reece and Jeff Knowles – graphic designers who were, at the time of production, both working for Research Studios – elected to use Pachica, an extraordinarily versatile paper composed of 75 per cent synthetic material and 25 per cent pulp, as their core material. Produced in Japan, Pachica is at once delicate and sturdy, with a chemical make-up that causes it to turn translucent when subjected to a heated deboss.

The finished piece tells the story of the creation of Material Board 03, charting its journey from ideation to delivery; from Shanghai (where Jeff was based for the duration of the project) to Paris (from where Ben was working), via Tokyo to London. A two-colour screen print was used to add a final flourish of colour to the story.

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MB3 String tie
MB3 Sleeve
MB3 Tool

Posted 01 December, 2013 by Jack Cassel-Gerard