Material Board 05: Acrylic Tangram Puzzle by Anthony Burrill

MB5 Front

Designed by graphics specialist Anthony Burrill, the latest in our ongoing series of limited-edition material boards takes the form of an interactive tangram puzzle, an ancient Chinese puzzle comprising seven geometric shapes that is simple to play with and holds endless possibilities.

The fifth addition to the Material Boards family was produced using fabricated acrylic, which was laser cut and screen printed in three colours to give a playful, interactive result that is reflective of the wit and charm inherent in much of Burrill’s own work.

Burrill works across a range of media, including print, moving image and three-dimensional work and has worked on advertising campaigns and posters for clients including The Economist, The British Library and London Underground. He regularly collaborates with creators from across several disciplines to produce films, promotional content for musicians and animations.

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MB5 Back
MB5 Tangram Pieces

Posted 01 December, 2015 by Jack Cassel-Gerard