Material Board 07: London in Seven Scents

MB7 Scents Box

For the last 8 years we have worked with some of the most imaginative designers to produce our series of Material Boards – creative showcases of the properties and potential of the materials we work with.

This year we launched our seventh Material Board, exploring the power of scent and custom olfactory production. Scent might just be the most powerful sense known to man. It can instantly alert, allure, disgust or even transport you across the world. In collaboration with and Amy Radcliffe, a graduate of Central Saint Martins and scentographer, we explored how in situ smells can capture specific moments and allow a use to revisit associated memories in a more immediate and emotionally charged way than simple images.

Working with the IFF, Amy has helped us create a scent map of London. The board contains 7 vials of scents which have been curated to represent an iconic location within the city ranging from Buckingham Palace, to Kew Gardens and London Gin Club.

The design of the case draws on graphic techniques, representing layers of complex scents and substances. Referring to both chromatograph-a method of splitting complex mixtures into their component substances- each of the seven areas of colour are a layered abstract interpretation of their location, much like the scents contained within the material board.

With this board, Nirvana CPH invites you to experience how designed scent can capture and engage. If you’d like to know more, or fancy coming along to visit our Material Library, please contact us on

MB7 Scents Open
MB7 Scents Closeup
MB7 Front and Back

Posted 01 December, 2017 by Katie Kubrak