Mr Porter Seeding Kit

Mr Porter Seeding Box

We were tasked by Mr. Porter to help create an innovative & luxurious seeding gift experience that would be delivered to 37 of the most prestigious menswear editors around the globe. This was to kick start the launch of Mr. Porter’s online sport platform.

The brief was to create the most luxurious seed gifting experience that would ignite social media. The gift box housed hand picked items bespoke to the recipient.

Multiple rounds of prototyping meant that we could engineer an internal structure that could fit each bespoke item mm perfect and arrive at multiple destinations un-altered. Paper mounted onto fluting allowed us to get the client a deep black interior whist still focusing on safety of the products during delivery.

The end product was a large Mr Porter box turned into a tardis, we were able to build up layers and pull out trays perfectly fitting unique and luxurious items.

First layer of kit
Second Layer of Kit
Third layer of kit

Posted 01 July, 2016 by Jack Cassel-Gerard