Clarks Originals: Seeding Box

Open Box

Even if you take only a passing interest in the multitude of press outlets that regularly cover the ebb and flow of the luxury retail and fashion sectors, you can’t have failed to notice the one topic that proved inescapable as 2015 rolled into 2016. Global consultancy firms have been asked to investigate it; brands have grappled with the implications of its growing importance; editors have been left asking what it all means for their readers and the industry as a whole. It is, of course, the elusive and often intangible notion of ‘digital’.

Nirvana were in charge of the creative production, ensuring a really premium box was produced to house both an adult and kids version of the iconic Clarks Original shoes. The shoe boxes were constructed in 135gsm Colorplan Ebony plain finish over 2000mic display board and lined in 135gsm Colorplan Real Grey. The lid and top front flap were branded with a gloss black foil logo and a black grosgrain ribbon pull was fastened so that the box would be pulled and lifted open with two magnets for a soft secure closure. A removal top pad was also created to rest inside the internal shoulders with 2 recesses cut out for the branded fobs to sit. Bespoke mailing cartons in white B flute with a repeat logo were also constructed to ensure these premium boxes arrived in pristine condition

Closed box
Box and sleeve

Posted 01 April, 2020 by Jack Cassel-Gerard