PaperFoam is a starch and cellulose based material that is primarily used in packaging. A patented injection moulding process produces a sandwich type construction that has a foam core with a smooth compacted surface. PaperFoam packaging is a lightweight, recyclable alternative to existing packaging that can be recycled in multiple ways via paper recycling, composting or bio-waste. Furthermore, since PaperFoam has an average weight of only 180 gram per litre, in many cases a PaperFoam tray weighs less than equivalent trays made from plastics, pulp or carton, and consequently it helps in the reduction of energy needed for transportation as well in the transportation costs. As a packaging material, PaperFoam is usable for a variety of different industries.

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PaperFoam has a compacted skin with a tough matte surface. There is some evidence of flow on the surface, giving a slightly marbled effect. The surface is non-dusting and non-scratching. PaperFoam comes in a very wide range of colours and can be colour matched to specific customer requirements.

Currently PaperFoam is used to pack electronics, cosmetics, medical and dry-food, but it can be also used in a wide variety of industries and not only as a packaging material, such as replacing polystyrene in CD jewel cases.

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Posted 01 October, 2013 by Katie Kubrak