Saatchi: One Love Experience

Bob Marley portraits

Curated in large part by the Marley family, the aim of the Bob Marley One Love experience was to capture his personality in space. An immersive art show that really takes you through his world, from the love he had for football to the inspiring jungles of Jamaica that were so sacred to him.

The Saatchi Gallery's huge spaces have been dressed with all the brightness of Jamaican colours & images, truly transforming the stark arena. Inspiring quotes from Marley himself, lyrics and photographs feel like snapshots of memories, as if you're walking right through his mind. Naturally, his music swims through the air of every room, carrying you through the experience dancing the entire way.

The space is a true testament to how you can build emotive experience through installation. Even parts that were almost transitionary had impact, one corridor resembled the backstage of a concert - pulling you in to view the world of Marley from his own experience.

A culmination of art, music, personality and keepsakes, the One Love Experience does a brilliant job of stepping into the soul of Bob Marley, immersing you in his inspirations and loves. Sharing his story in a way we've yet to see before. One not to miss.

Jamaican Jungle room
Jamaican Jungle room

Posted 12 April, 2022 by Jack Cassel-Gerard