Window Installation: Zim and Zou

Hermes Barcelona Storefront

French-based design duo, Zim and Zou lent their skills to Hermes once again for a superb window display. Blue, orange and white paper and strips of leather were intricately crafted to create the fantasy ‘fox’s den’ for the luxury brand’s Barcelona store.

What I Love About Zim and Zou’s Window Installation

Made entirely by hand, the elegant display tells the story of a small fox and his high-end proclivities through the scattering of various pieces from the current collection around the den, including Hermes scarves, shoes and ties – this fox clearly enjoys the finer things in life!

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of a similar effort by the artists for ‘Cabinet de Curiosites’ here:

What Other People Had to Say About Zim and Zou’s Window Installation

Incredible work – Zim & Zou craft ‘The Fox’s Den’ for Hermès Barcelona from paper & leather.

— Polly & Chris (@_Wrap) July 3, 2014

The window displays at hermes bh were made out of paper by the incredible duo Zim & Zou. Photos really…

— Paul Octavious (@pauloctavious) September 4, 2013

So cool. Leather parrot made from Hermès leather scraps designed by French artist duo Zim & Zou:

— AERIN (@AERIN) January 11, 2013

leather fox
landscape scene

Posted 01 July, 2014 by Katie Kubrak